The KV Curriculum being holistic, rhymes  not only enliven  the classroom, motivate children but substantiate the content in myriad ways. They are a favoured medium  for integrating the content in diverse ways.

A few resources in both Hindi and English  have been added on this page for accessing rhymes to integrate with the teaching learning process ( TLP)

WebNurseryRhymes ( a pdf of rhymes with hints to the teacher)

THEMES FOR ENGLISH CLASSES I-V edited( Themes of all lessons  of English for classes i -V)

RHYMES FOR CLASS I & II( collection of rhymes- internet download)

HINDI RHYMES  ( प्राथमिक  शिक्षा  से पूर्व रेडीनेस  प्रोग्राम ( डॉ शोभा  अग्रवाल )

THEMES FOR EVS CLASSES I & II (Themes of all lessons  of EVS for  classes I -V)


A huge selection of rhymes http://www.kidsnurseryrhymes.co.uk/nursery_rhymes.htm

Rhymes and Finger plays  http://www.youtube.com/user/eDewcate/videos?view=1

Rhymes, Videos and Songs for themes of classes I & II  http://www.dreamenglish.com/freedownload

Collection of Hindi Rhymes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37T332diD7E&list=EC5B1A7B87E65F5A07


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